We cannot change everything or
bring the world to perfection.
But we must do all we can, as
our aim is creation!


We have the potentials for the providing of the whole range of services for preparation of all documents, drawings, researches, tests necessary for getting approvals, construction and complete equipment of the premises. We elaborate rules and organize a tender for the construction works, which includes preparation of the tender documentation, preliminary search for the participants in the tender, estimation of the offers, making of the reports on the bases of the results of the tender, preparation of a contract with sub-contractor. We elaborate administrative, legal and technical scheme of project realization.
JGB perform the functions of General Contractor and the Client. Creation and control for the execution of construction schedule; technical supervision: control for the following by the contractor of construction technologies, quality of the works and requirements of the normative documentation, supplying of the site with materials and equipment, control for the quality of the building materials which are delivered to the site, coordination of the work of designing, building and assembling and other organizations. We prefer to work with local specialists and workers, if necessary we ask for the help of foreign specialists.
We understand that demands of the Client to the design and planning are important from commercial and functional point of view. The experience of the former projects is as following. Input of local architectures has been controlled by the Manager at a very high level and is being as possible as it can be almost the strongest interpretation of the original design. There where it is impossible to avoid changes or achieve a compromise, it should be done with full understanding of the subject and with approval of the Chief architect.
JGB Group offers professional services in construction consulting. Under existing conditions of developing construction market and even in severe times of economic crises we are ready to offer the most effective programmers for projects realization, starting from creating of a project concept and finishing with putting it into operation and further maintenance support. While working on concepts and schemes for project fulfillment our specialists use foreign as well as local experience. For successful project realization it is necessary to have total and constant control of all sections: making of project documentation and estimate documentation, financial monitoring, passing of all necessary endorsements and approvals, running of tenders, search for reliable contractors, constant control for the quality of works, organization of cooperation of contractors, designers and other participants of the project.
The existing experience in getting of approvals and business contacts in authorities allow us to get approvals of the documents in the shortest terms. We elaborate design and approval of the architect concept of a construction plot, getting and approving of the essential permissive documentation, getting of technical conditions for the connection to the engineering networks.
We have great experience in the area of import and supply. Our services include – search for materials, approval of the design, choose of samples, calculation of necessary quantity, purchase, making of the programme, consolidation, carrying out of the documentation, transportation, clearance, taking to the site, unloading, installation of the equipment.
Any constructed building is a combination of closely interconnected constructions and engineering systems, which are determined by purpose of a building. Our specialists offer thoroughly elaborated approach to the real estate operation. It is not a secret that after putting a building into operation it is necessary to tune most systems in accordance with functional loading of a whole building, and separate premises as well. Also the purpose of premises can be changed during their exploitation, which causes renovation of the systems. Except for maintaining of engineering systems of building, not the least part of building maintaining, and especially it corresponds to the hotel complexes and business centers, is keeping of finishing of the premises and furniture stock in a proper condition.

Our advantages

JGB Group has great experience of work in Russia, in St. Petersburg and in the sector of hotel construction.

We know the sphere of logistics n the city well and what approach should be in a process of project realization.

We have established relationship with administration directors, state institutes and customs services, which let us solve all questions effectively.

We understand all the difficulties of projects realization according to maintenance requirements of the Client.

We itemized our approach to the projects by building of a skilled and reliable team, which uses approved methods in the management of each separate element in the matters of quality and value.